Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Scout has been tagged!

Molly has tagged Scout! That means that she has to come up with 8 random facts/habits about herself. So I'm letting Scout at the computer for a little while. She thinks she is the world's cutest, smartest dog, and shouldn't have any problems coming up with fact about herself. So, with Diane's help, here are Scout's 8 facts/habits:

1. I am a girl dog. Many people think that because my name is Scout, I am a boy. I just don't see how they can't see how pretty and delicate I am. Can't they tell I'm a girl? I was named "Scout" after the girl in the book, To Kill A Mockingbird. I haven't read it, but one of my cool human brothers has. I was almost named: Grateful Dawg. I am grateful that I wasn't! (and so is mom)

2. My mom is a golden retriever. She's a very nice dog who goes to a nursing home and helps the patients there sometimes. I have never met my dad, but I hear that he is part husky. I suppose you could say that I (and my 7 brothers and sisters) were an accident. But I don't think so.

3. My best friend lives next door. She is a goldendoodle and her name is Sadie. She is still a puppy, but is still a very nice dog. Sometimes we just run back and forth on our own side of the fence, and sometimes we get to play together in my yard! She lets me win all the games. That's why I like her.

4. I like all food. I am not picky at all. I like kibble, but I also like chicken necks and ground turkey. I ate a toad once (a little one). It was just there, in the dark, so I I gobbled it up before mom could stop me. I have also eaten a banana or two (not the peel). Mom doesn't know how I do that. I'm not telling

5. I have been to Chicago, where the Dog People live, and also to the North Shore. Both of them are great places for dogs. They have cool dog parks in Chicago. And the Dog People who live there are really nice and have lots of treats and toys for me to play with! Also, I have dog cousins in Chicago: Kramer, Sam, Gabe, and Luna (who I have not me yet). And a lot of dogs visit the North Shore too. I am now friends with all of them

6. I love it when it snows! I love to roll in the snow! In fact, once when we were up in the North Country this spring, I discovered that they still had snow there and I got so excited that I rolled around in the snow and snapped off my leash! I ran around and around the hotel several times before mom and dad opened the front door and I just ran in.

7. I just finished taking my first agility class. I am very good at jumping, and at running through the tunnel. The teeter-totter still scares me a little.

8. My mom doesn't know it, but I am going to help her plan a service for Blessing of Animals this fall. I have a lot of good ideas. Woof! Woof!

Scout doesn't know 8 dogs who blog! If a dog reads this, and wants to share, he/she should consider herself tagged. Perhaps MochaJavaPuppy or Rowan the Dog would like to share?

Now Scout is tired and thinks she will take a nap. (heavy sigh)


Anonymous said...

F the dog says, "Woof! My humans won't let me use the computer."

Jan said...

Cisco (4 year old shepherd mix) and Baillie (11 year old cocker) are outside and too occupied with nature to fool with a computer! Thanks for the interesting info about Scout, about whom I foolishly thought was male.

Gannet Girl said...

Tipper (Gannet Girl's dog) says: 1. I knew you were a girl dog. Scout is Gannet's favorite fictional character. 2. I am a girl dog, too. 3. I was named for a restaurant on an island. 4. My humans rescued me when I was a year old. 5. They thought I would be house-trained. 6. They were wrong. 7. I am a Dachshund-Beagle mix, which means I am long and short and beautiful. 8. Life around here is terribly difficult, what with only two meals a day and only two beds and one couch available to me.

mompriest said...

Well, if our mom and human sister ever let us use the computer we'll post about ourselves. Oh, better go, here she comes....maybe tonight when they are all asleep

yay, that'll work...

love, Roxie (the lab-mix)also known as "Gorgeous" and Ruby (the Viszla)aka "Lovebug"

Barbara B. said...

Gotta love that Scout!

RevDrKate said...


Serena said...

Good play Scout!

Marsha said...

Ginger could hardly contain herself so she listed her 8, uh, make that 9 facts about her life on our blog.

Scout, To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favorite books / movies ever.

I think I was a bit like Scout when I was a young girl.

Ginger's Mom

DogBlogger said...

Good play, Scout!

Molly said...

Dear Scout,
My mom has done Blessing of the Animals, and we really liked it. There were lots of dogs who look like my brother Sam and me, but we let other dogs come, too.
My mom loves that book about Scout the girl, so she knew you must be a girl dog.
Your friend,

Whistle said...

My dog, Sister, is like you. She's the greatest dog I know. She is our nanny. I have a brother, Fish and another brother who gets to go outside, Andy. Sister takes good care of us.