Friday, February 17, 2017

A Pause to Notice

Sometimes you just have to stop for a moment and look.

I did that one day this week.  I looked out the window and I saw an eagle soaring, and I just focussed on that eagle for awhile.  I watched how it soared effortlessly, noticed how wide its wingspan was, considered for a moment where it might be going.

And then it came to me how seldom I just stop -- and look -- and consider.  

More often than not I am moving, trying to stay active all the time, checking things off of my list.  There is a lot to do in life, after all.  Life is getting things done.  Or not.  And when I stop, I just stop.  I stop and go straight to bed.  I stop and turn on the television.   I don't look around, I don't notice what's going on, I don't see that beautiful huge eagle, or that child holding out the tiniest flower, or the look on the face of the clerk at the supermarket.

But when I found myself looking at that eagle, I realized how many things I don't notice, how many times I walk right by someone or something without paying any attention.  But it is really essential human activity.  Noticing gave me joy.  I felt human, and not separate, but connected with the world.  Just for a moment.

I believe this is true not only about eagles, but about our relationships with God, and with one another.  It is part of what worship is about.  Worship is not about doing, although we are doing things in worship.  Worship is the pause when we take time to notice, to acknowledge, to praise God.  Worship is the pause when we take time to look into the heart of God.  Worship is the pause.

And then we stop and look into the image of God in one another.  

Sometimes, you just have to stop for a moment and look.  Or maybe for more than a moment.  If you are lucky.

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