Saturday, March 17, 2012

What Day is Today?

Oh yeah, it's Saturday.

A week ago Thursday we were leaving Wabasha, Minnesota after about a day-and-a-half Lenten respite.  Before we left, we had a little conversation about my anxiety about taking a break during Lent.   (Think of it as a weekend, my husband said.  You don't get weekends.)  We actually left Thursday morning and stopped a couple of places, but I got back to church by about noon.  I wanted to get a few things organized in the office before we went to pick up our dog at the sitter's.

I discovered that a gentleman from our church had died on Thursday morning.  So, I got a meeting scheduled for his wife, to come and plan the funeral service.  I also discovered that another older gentleman from our congregation was in the hospital.  I went to visit him late in the afternoon.

He died Friday morning.

On Friday I had sermon preparation, two communion services at senior residences, and a meeting with a family for a funeral.  I wasn't terribly satisfied with my sermon when I left on Friday.

On Saturday, I met with the other family about their funeral service, held a first communion class, and prepared two funeral bulletins.  I also tried to tweak my Saturday evening/Sunday morning sermon.  I preached at 5:00, and jotted down notes for a children's message.

On Sunday, I did the services, met with a couple for a June wedding, went to the 83rd birthday party for my dad, and wrote the Monday funeral sermon.

On Monday, I officiated at the first funeral service.  Afterwards, I got a call from the daughter of the retired pastor who used to serve as our visitation pastor.  Her father was not doing well, she reported.  I went home and wrote a sermon for the Tuesday service.

On Tuesday, I officiated at the second funeral service.  Before the service started, I got a call saying that our former visitation pastor had died.  After the funeral, but before the interment service, I got a call from a woman in our congregation who said her husband had just died.  She wanted me to officiate at a funeral on Friday.  On Tuesday evening, another member of our congregation died.  The other pastor went to be with her family.

On Wednesday morning, I was supposed to do a slide presentation for our senior fellowship group about our trip to Mesa Verde last summer.  It wasn't the best slide presentation ever.  Afterwards, we met with two families to plan funerals on Friday and Saturday (today).  On Wednesday afternoon, I wrote a sermon for the Lenten service.  (Did you know that the story of Jonah is really a story about prayer?  I didn't think so.)  I also went to part of a Leadership Board meeting.

On Thursday, I didn't have a funeral.  But I did write a funeral sermon.  I think I did a couple of other things, too, but I forget what they are now.

On Friday, I had a funeral.  I think I did a couple of other things too, but I forget what they are now.  I went home a little early.

Today, we had a funeral for the former visitation pastor.  I didn't preach for this one, but I wrote a little eulogy, which I will post shortly.  I also met with two couples who will be getting married in May and in July.

It's Saturday. yeah.


Martha Spong said...

Bless you, what a string of losses! I hope there is some respite out there ahead of you, too.

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

I thought that the pastor only works on Sunday.......