Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Problem

When I start thinking about it, there are several things I would really like to do:

1.  Learn to play the recorder that I bought several years ago in Tucson.  It's a really pretty wooden soprano recorder.  It is not the most expensive, but not the least expensive either.  I can play a C scale, Amazing Grace and the Water is Wide. 

2.  Learn some Spanish.  I am not saying I want to be an expert, reading novels or anything.  But I'd love to be able to converse a little in Spanish, understand and speak a little.  I did buy some flash cards, but that's about all.

3.  Learn to make hand-sewn books.  At this point, I'm not interested in making my own paper.  but I really really want to learn how to make books.  If I ever write anything worthy of publication, I would love learning to print an art book (with some illustrations and perhaps prayers or poetry, maybe).

4.  Become better at knitting.  Make more complicated sock patterns, particularly lace.  By the way, I am still working on the sweater.

5.  Get a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching.  I do have an idea for a theme (and maybe even a book), but I'm not divulging it publicly yet. 

6.  Do a lectio divina retreat at the Benedictine Center in St. Paul.

7.  Take a writing class at The Loft Literary Center, or do one of the Iowa Summer Writing Workshops.

Right now, I am not doing any of these things.


Fran said...

Well that is a big list! I'm going to pray for you to be able to choose something on it to pursue.

Di said...

You'll get there when you're ready.

Spanish is on my list, too-- maybe at some point we'll practice together.

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Husband is working on #2. He has Rosetta stone, plus some books and tapes. Lately he has learned about a Spanish language lesson school that you can get on the 'net via Skype. You can pay by the individual lesson for one school or for 3/week with another school. Email me if you want details and I'll put you in touch with the woman I know who has worked with these schools. We think our 'net isn't good enough for Skype, but we will see.

Lindy said...

I think you will do many of these things, maybe all of them.