Friday, April 20, 2007


I collect bookmarks. I don't know anyone else who collects bookmarks. My oldest bookmark is the one I picked up at Yellowstone National Park when I was about 11 years old. It reads "Meet me Where We Parted Last" in blue ink that I printed when the words rubbed off.

I have several bookmarks with Bible verses on them, from various different kinds of religious episodes in my life (high school Bible camp, college, holy roller, etc.) I have a felt hand-made bookmark with all of the names of the third graders in my Sunday School class. They have to be really old now. I have two hand-made cloth bookmarks: the only things I could afford from an artists' colony in Jerome, Arizona. I have a couple of book marks with the initial "D" printed on them. I have a Mickey Mouse bookmark from Disneyland, bought on the memorable honeymoon trip with John's then 11 and 16-year-old sons.

Just the other day I read a quirky article in the paper about the odd things people use as booksmarks. Librarians say they have found drivers' licenses, Social Security cards, money, old pictures, love letters. Once a knife, with butter on it. And a condom (unused)(thankfullly).

I like my bookmarks better. And nobody else collects them, so there's no competition.


kim said...

Oh, I love bookmarks! I don't collect them, but I love them. When I was at Northwestern Book Store to get my newest Bible for our Wednesday Bible Study, I bought a few bookmarks that I liked. I'll bring them on the 25th so you can see them. I think it's really neat that you collect something that no one else thought of collecting.

Marsha said...

Diane, I have a collection of bookmarks, albeit small and insignificant so I'm sure it isn't on par with yours.

I love bookmarks and make them, for myself and for others. Whenever I give a book to someone, I try to make a bookmark to go along with it. I generally scan the front of the book if it's interesting enough or use an appropriate scripture.