Sunday, June 1, 2008

Severe weather here

I'm typing this at church right now because we have not had electricity since about 7:00 last night. We had a thunderstorm with wind and hail. Very exciting. For Scout, and for us.

This morning early we saw someone walk through our backyard. He told us there was a great tree down on the next block and they would have to move that before they could restore our power.

So this morning:

No clocks.
No curling iron.
No microwave.
No coffee.

It was my anniversary celebration here at church today. I preached. When we get power restored (and coffee!) I'll tell you more about that. Also, Scout went to agility class yesterday. And she'll have something to say about that too.


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

stormy weather is afoot in many places... eek!

like the new header... did you draw it? mmm yes and happy churchaverrsary!

Cathy said...

I hope your power is restored soon!!
I am curious however, how the book discussion went for Purple Hibiscus. Our church book club read this a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed the reading the book, though some of it was difficult to read in light of the father and his relationship with his church, faith, and family.

Teri said...

I was power-less Friday...oy. Hope yours is back on!

Anonymous said...

Some severe weather here as well, but we did not lose power. I hope all returns to normal soon.


Presbyterian Gal said...

We lost power here too, though only for maybe an hour. Very odd the power outages in so many areas.

Hearing the "Close Encounters" tones now!!!

Hope you got your power back in time for morning coffee!!

mompriest said...

Agility class, yay scout! Storms, bad weather, and power loss....yuck...I don't miss the Midwest for that...but then I'll have my fair share when the monsoon season hits in July...hope you get your power back soon!

Barbara B. said...

yes, give us an update on the power situation!

Pastor Eric said...

Happy anniversary. What anniversary is it? Yesterday (June 1) was my 4 year anniversary at Salem.

RevDrKate said...

Those power outages can be interesting in many ways...reminders about all the things we take for granted. LOVED your sermon...I am baptising L in a few weeks (yes really!)....may I borrow your candle thoughts? They fit him so well!

Jan said...

Happy Church Anniversary!